Change Leader inside
Für Menschen, die eine neue Wirtschaftskultur leben.
Change Leader inside Hardcover

For more than 20 years now I have allowed to learn as an inspired mentor, passionate cultural architect and visionary companion of individual and organizational change processes and act.

My book CHANGE LEADER inside is a logical consequence for me henceforth be made available to my experience for more people. It shows how much potential and historic opportunity with the new evolutionary consciousness of change leaders in society and the economy are now tangible. People who live a new economic culture act out their authentic core with an efficiency for the big picture, just solutions that serve people, planet and profit.

CHANGE LEADER inside decrypted on more than 300 pages of this evolutionary consciousness and provides practical models, tools and examples from the spectra of the Western and Eastern consciousness, that whoever discovered the change leaders in themselves and can develop. For an economy that serves all.

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My heart’s desire is that it becomes apparent that untapped potential every single human being carries within him that makes a noticeable difference for us and our families, communities, networks and organizations simply anywhere in the world.

In today’s business world fizzle billion in outdated, inefficient and outmoded management methods that do not meet the real core of the challenges we face at all levels. Economic crises, natural disasters, as well as personal crises such as burnout and other events cause a slow but steady change in thinking uses in humans. It is obvious that we need a more fundamental change, after which many people crave.

Also, companies are starting to realize that it can not continue as before, with profit maximization, infinite growth and savings programs – have long recognized that we have reached the end of a development that leads to a dead end in the long term.

A new era of awareness opens a window to impulses and inspirations from the future for opportunities and potential that we can not perceive in the observation by the „old glasses,“ the old paradigm. It’s not about making the old system a little better, but to think radically different and new, because the coordinate system changed. My book  CHANGE LEADER inside provides a tangible and actionable vision for an economy that transformed this planet a more sustainable system of life and serves all.

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