Pay what Feels Right. (PROJEKT IN PLANUNG)
Ohne Bezahlschranke einfach herunterladen. Und später spenden.

You can order the book inside CHANGE LEADER like to order. Nevertheless, I have decided to offer the book without payment barrier here in the net. My idea is that I just do not know what the book is individually worth to you, and so does a fixed price for me not really mind. It is an experiment, because I think that confidence that I give back comes from you and is rewarded.

In my personal experience, there were books I read but again commanded me not so much inspiration have. Then there were other books that had a great effect on me and my life. Or their knowledge I could share with others. Thus, every book had a very different value for me, who has never expressed List Price: times I would certainly have more, sometimes less, but also like to be paid.

My experiment is: I give you the book – just like that. And give me back later what it’s worth to you. For that, you can always use the paypal button at the bottom of this page. The money I will then use this to publish promptly an English edition to make it accessible to more people in the world. As several people involved in such a project, I need approximately 12,000.00 euros.

Simply sign up to about the e-mail form (below) to get this download link to the book. After some time, I will send you an e-mail then again to hear how you enjoyed it – or reinzulesen to remember. And then you can decide what you give me for the book.

Myself like this idea very it up to you, what is it worth to you to contribute to the change in the world.

Thank you for your support.

Stefan Goetz Signature

PS. Do you believe in the message of my book, you feel invited to share them happy by referring other people to this page. Thank you!