How do we Create Success Beyond Competition

How do we Create Success Beyond Competition

In this Interview with Dr. Chuck Spezzano, US Bestselling Author on Personal Transformation, Stefan Götz reveals inspiring insights about how we may create success beyond competition.

Core statements from Chuck Spezzano:

  • First you may realize that there can be a better way and then to start asking well what is that better way?
  • If you have this competition at the office, it does not stop at the office. You bring it home. So you are competing with your kids, you are competing with your wife.
  • Back in the early ‘90’s, they interviewed Fortune 500 Company. What is the secret of your success? My relationship, number one thing. My second, my reliance on a higher power.
  • When you have a team that is cooperative, that is working together, that has that level of friendship, then given the same amount of talent, that is the team that is going to win.

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