Leading with the Heart could make a Difference to your Business

Leading with the Heart could make a Difference to your Business

In this Interview with Dr. Chuck Spezzano, US Bestselling Author on Personal Transformation, Stefan Götz reveals inspring insights, a new understanding of business and rule-breaking leadership approaches that will help any Change Leader to unfold the company’s purpose – for the people, the planet and profit.

A call for a different kind of entrepreneurship that is both sustainable and in partnership to lead the market.

Core statements from Chuck Spezzano:

  • You need a leader who is flexible themselves. You need a leader who is willing to keep growing. We have dinosaurs leading the way at times. We have to get over the dinosaur in ourselves.
  • So we keep demanding our way rather than let me see the new way, let me find a better way.
  • Analysis is just one tool but if it is used in a wrong way, it quickly becomes a defense. It becomes things that you break everything apart but you miss the whole picture, all the different pieces do not give you a vision.
  • All this is were business is being so right, it is being defensive. Business is meant to be the leader. You are not the leader if you’re the one defending where you got to.

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