Business Burnout as a Transformation Process – Potential 7.0

Business Burnout as a Transformation Process – Potential 7.0

What type of awareness could allow for the integration of apparent contradictions? Integration becomes possible when we tap into our so-called Second Tier-Consciousness 7.0, in which we learn from everyone, and share with everyone. Here we trust in our intuition and understand how contradictions can work in harmony – the “as well as” factor. If this didn’t occur to you, just ask a Generation Y’er – perhaps your son or daughter. It is all about integrating your mind with your heart.

  • Competition and Cooperation
  • Doing and Receiving
  • Thinking and Feeling
  • Structure and Finding order in Chaos
  • Knowing and Not wanting to know
  • Understanding and Intuition
  • Focused and Open presence
  • Following through and Perceiving
  • Doing and Sensing
  • Action and Inaction (Wu Wei in Zen Tao)
  • Individual and Collective
  • Yin and Yang

Do you understand what I’m trying to say? This illness is not an illness, it is a Transformation Process to a new stage of development at level 7.0. It contains the capabilities of Awareness 5.0 for logic, reason, effectiveness, efficiency and “survival of the fittest” systems. The “Green” awareness 6.0“ contains appreciation, empathy, and partnership. Combining them brings us to this new integrated level of Awareness 7.0. Up until now the world seemed to be “either-or”, head or heart, control or trust, business or spirituality, thinking or feeling, competition or cooperation. Can you see the big difference?

When we could work from this consciousness 7.0 in business and in our society, and change our perspective to this phenomenon and realize it is one of the greatest potentials for innovation – actions coming forth from this belief would no longer trigger a clash of paradoxes, but instead work together with the underlying creative energy. We would look at one another holistically, and learn that there is no difference between what we do on the job, and what we are when we are off the job. As leaders, we will no longer look at individuals as capital or resources, but rather as latent potential. We would create the space in which this potential could be developed, and find it’s way through meaningful, sustainable projects. We would comprehend that even life itself has rhythmic periods of rest and activity and motivation does not need to be created as it is natural to your employees, actually we need to be careful not to destroy their motivation when we try to control or manipulate them out of fear of failure. We would bring together talented individuals, who have great enthusiasm for bringing innovation on the market. Together, we would be able to construct a culture of learning, sharing, developing and co-creating. We would consider whether or not it is really worth it to spend time formulating and defending long-term strategies against all odds in this volatile day and age.

Wishing you ease, grace and joy for the upcoming week…
Yours, Stefan Götz+

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