The Next Wave in Business “Change Leaders Consciousness Make a Difference” now at amazon„Thank you Mr. Götz for writing such a pioneering book.“ Baerbel Roepke-Stieghorst, Head Trainer and Coach

Elon Musk, Ricardo Semler, Götz Werner, Ellen MacArthur, Christian Felber, Brian Chesky, all Change Leaders of their kind who share a level of consciousness that reveals a new window of potential, which carries a blueprint, filled with impulses, inspiration, and ideas from the future. Acting out of this consciousness, organizations have the power to enrich our lives and transform the status quo of our world:

eBook now at amazon

  • The Essence of Change Leaders
  • Competition and Cooperation–Huberbuam (Extreme climbers)
  • 1,500 years of Leadership–Dr. Notker Wolf (Benedictine Abbot Primate)
  • Drugstore chain dm – Götz Werner (Anthroposophist)
  • Tesla – Elon Musk (Multi-visionary, doer, rule-breaker)
  • Eye to Eye in Brazil – Manager-Free Semco
  • Circular Economy & Fairphone – Inspiration from Nature
  • Economy for the Common Good – Our Future?