Stefan Götz

Stefan is a CEO and an entrepreneur, change leader, conscious leadership advisor, inspired mentor, creative thinker, corporate culture transformist, author, speaker and strategic learning partner to leaders who create next generation businesses.

Areas of work

His work is transforming the business paradigm to the 21 century by building workplaces of indvidual and organizational potential unfolding. He guides the progressive and extraordinary leaders, their teams, and businesses to meaningful and sustainable success by focusing on purpose, collaboration, and vibrant company culture through “Conscious Leadership in Action:

  • Helps organizations transform to the next level of success based on evolutionary purpose,
    wholesomeness and self-autonomous teams
  • Helps leaders lead from a transformational space of KPI’s and purpose, from ressources and potential, from hierarchy and being accountable & self-autonomous
  • Helps organizations organically become true leaders of their market


  • Certified in Theory U, Dr. Scharmer MIT
  • Certified in Integral Leadership & Spiral Dynamics
  • Graduate from Dr. Spezzano Leadership Program
  • Certified as NLP Trainer, DVNLP
  • Certified in Systemic Constellation
  • Certified in Systemic Consulting & Coaching
  • Pan-European MBA (EAP/ESCP – Paris, Oxford, Berlin)


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Stefan Götz
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