Inspired organizations serve Purpose, People, Planet and Profit alike

I believe in a new form of corporate culture, one that not only serves to inspire people within organizations, but also seeks to give birth to something with purpose and significance, because it is in the very spirit of it’s calling to do so. In short, an organization and economy that has the potential to serve all – with purpose, for the people, the planet and for profit.

Inspired organizations are developing a collective consciousness. This reality is growing with the exchange of knowledge through networking, and a rise in leadership focused on a purposeful vision of the future. Instead of desperately trying to predict and control the future, people involved in inspired organizations are encouraged to listen in, feel, and open their senses to what incredible possibilities emerge – full of meaningful regeneration rather than just opportunistic advancement in and of itself.


drives people, planet & profit.


seek meaningful purpose.


requests what purpose wants to be served.


is natural outcome of soulful business.
Inspired organizations march to the beat of their own drum

Navigating through such a culture has allowed for people to lead the paradigm shift – letting go of the “ego-system”, and moving towards an interconnected “ecosystem of endless possibilities.” They live deep, open and trusting relationships as they tap into the abundant potential of the individual and the collective, and allow it to flourish.

They are fully aware and accountable, as a nucleus for continuous transformation, they instigate, orchestrate, inspire others to learn, resolve conflicts, engage in self-management, take responsibility, develop self-awareness and support the evolution of others’ potential.

Addressing the evolution of a corporate culture is really about integrating the mutual unfolding of the individual with the purpose of the business. Daily rituals and practices are encouraged to support a purpose-driven corporate culture, functioning with full transparency regarding finances, performance levels, best practices, and especially salaries.

Inspired organizations innovate by taking responsibility for the whole

Innovation and growth arise naturally when responsibility is taken for the greater good of the whole – not in the pursuit of position, bonuses or fulfilling set budget plans.

It’s not about trying to fit people into constricted roles – the unfolding of people’s potential is the very guiding principle that paves the way towards a meaningful direction for both the collective and the company. This acts as a magnet for a new generation of leaders who bring along enduring innovative business models, products and services.

Inspired organizations follow employees, not strategies

Each and every company has an integral nature, an inner compass that creates a lasting impact: a higher calling that goes far beyond the corporate balance sheet and sees straight past the chaos of the market. It does not tremble at the echoes of instability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity that the market creates.

Strategies are created organically – anytime, anywhere – when people are open to play with new ideas and put them to the test in a larger context. An organization then further develops them, transforms them – enlarging or compressing them – all as a natural process of the open, collective intelligence of the team, the company and beyond.

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Co-Creating enables organizations to march to the beat of their own drum

Organizations have the potential to unfold visionary business models. Because each and every company has an integral nature, an inner compass that creates a lasting impact: a higher calling that goes far beyond the corporate balance sheet. There is an endless source of possibilities that foster a culture of unfolding potential – for the organization and for the people who feel connected to it. It is through the unfolding of the individual’s potential that the whole will be served.

We believe in an economy that serves all: 
 Purpose, people, planet, and profit alike.

It will be a pleasure and an inspiration to co-create with you – just give me a call  or write an email.
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Best regards, Stefan Götz

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