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The Leadership Projects of Tomorrow are Projects of Self-Renewal

Unfolding of potential, evolutionary purpose and self-autonomous teams. Three principles which have been successfully experienced by today’s pioneering organizations. At the Change Leader Camp, you will join like-minded individuals on a one-year journey into the future of leadership.
A voyage of self-renewal. For you and your business.

Are you ready?


Why join the Change Leader Camp 2015/16

Blazing speeds, continuous change: What one person views as threatening, another sees as a chance to thrive. After all, uncertain times offer the best conditions for self-renewal projects both personally and in business. Such projects are shaped by people who have the desire to change the future and take responsibility. Are you one of them? Then we would like to invite you to renew yourself and your organization at the Change Leader Camp 2015/2016!

Three principles light the way at the Change Leader Camp along our path of self-renewal: the unfolding of potential, evolutionary purpose and taking personal accountability.

From the use of resources to the unfolding of potential

Change Leaders shape the change from the mere use of resources to the unfolding of potential. They encourage and inspire employees to brave new paths, to dare themselves, to rediscover passion for their work – instead of viewing employees as just another resource.

Market-leading businesses such as the German drug store chain dm, the hotel chain Upstalsbom, the hospital group Heidingfeld or the French automotive supplier FAVI have already successfully gone this path. With their actions, they focus on the people and not the strategy. Götz Werner, dm founder and chairman of the board, said: „We see our company as a modern community of people which we would like to structure with as little hierarchy as possible. We not only want to foster our colleagues’ competencies, but also facilitate the development of personalities. At dm, it is our goal to create a place for the realization of personal biographies.“

From goal-oriented motivation to evolutionary purpose

We are becoming more and more driven by heteronomy through compliance, guidelines and KPIs; and we have less and less time for customers and employees. A dynamically changing knowledge society, exponentiated by Generation Y’s change in values, can no longer be led, organized or planned using mechanistic methods. Full potential can only be unfolded when one sees the meaning in one’s work.

Change leaders need a compass for this change which comes from within an individual instead of looking for solutions on the outside. It is the answer to the question who we are and what our contribution to the company and the community is, that will allow us to unfold our authentic power.

From hierarchical orientation to personal accountability

Self-renewal needs to take on a stance of personal responsibility because it will take us from heteronomy back to autonomy – for the leaders and for the employees. The key to this is heightened awareness and mindfulness of our own thoughts and emotions which we use to interact with the world around us. Accept dynamics and change instead of rejecting it!

Management visionary Frédéric Laloux has researched similar principles worldwide at companies such as the US power supply company AES, the food processor Morningstar or the global company for hydraulic components Sun Hydraulics who have raised the bar with self-autonomous teams. The secret is that they have created structures and practices that go far beyond a consensus or hierarchical structure. „Peer based“ decisions concerning investments, salary negotiations, strategies, team composition and conflict management create a completely new quality in the unfolding of personal and corporate potential.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Within every new beginning there is something magical – the magic of change, discovery, uncertainty. In the beginning there is just one person. Then there are two, then three …


Architecture of The Change Leader Camp 2015/16

If you have the desire, the confidence and the courage to think and act innovatively and differently, then we are eagerly waiting for you to join us at the Change Leader Camp on an expedition into the future of leadership.

The collective learning field for the unfolding of potential

Together we will create a one-year collective learning field for a new generation of leaders. The architecture of the Change Leader Camp is based on those three path-breaking principles of future organizations.

As a group, we will experience the process of unfolding potential which can be effective at the personal as well as the organizational level. For this, we will provide you with practical and useful tools as well as formats for renewal, well embedded in your peer group. From camp to camp they will also help you successfully implement transformation in your organization.


Change Leader Camp - Design - www.stefan-goetz_US



Camp 1: Getting to know new leadership approaches and the exploring of potential

Based on the “Theory U” by Otto Scharmer, you will get an overview of the five stations of the self-renewal process which our five complementary camps are built upon. You discuss the three principles of future leadership and take inspiration from pioneering leadership examples and corporate cultures of the next generation. Practical exercises help you along your path to self-renewal. Together with your peer group, you will also learn the self-autonomous “Coaching Circle”.


Camp 2: Tapping into collective and individual potential levels

The “Spiral Dynamics” approach by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan makes it possible to understand the value systems of organizations. By developing awareness for this, you will recognize which values are needed and required in order to make innovative thinking and acting possible. You will experience examples of thinking and action for the potential levels in practical exercises – for both personal as well as organizational development. During this time, you will become conscious about your blind spots and patterns which hinder your unfolding of potential. By intensifying your attention, you will learn to handle these respectfully or possibly even resolve them. This way, you will be in the position to access an intuitive awareness of systems and allow system-changing solutions in leadership, culture as well as innovation to emerge. Together with your peer group, you will also learn about the “Co-Sensing Journey” which will open up a whole new set of options and implement them within your organization.


Camp 3: Opening of new leadership space for potential

The term “Presencing” by Otto Scharmer is a combination of the words Presence and Sensing which describes both the personal and the organizational skill to “lead from the emerging future” with awareness and attention. With this statement, he means recognizing potential and future opportunities and incorporating them into current tasks. For this, you will learn proven methods for accessing and maintaining this level of awareness not only for yourself, but also for your employees, colleagues, customers and partners. Opening up completely new possibilities for the co-creative unfolding of potential.


Camp 4: Developing your new leadership prototype

From the ideas and inspiration of your space for potential which you have already gained from your day-to-day business and the practices of pioneering companies, you will develop your prototype for new leadership. These prototypes have the quality to release energy at any time in order to transform existing strategies, leadership styles as well as the culture as a whole. In your daily business, your peer group will help you with implementing, refining and adjusting your prototype according to the principle of David Kelly from IDEO: “Fail fast to succeed sooner.”


Camp 5: Integrating innovative thinking and transforming your organization

You modulate your prototype according to your day-to-day leading experience. Now that you can “read” systems, you can recognize and even resolve the most hardheaded of fixations within your organization. Your peer group will continue to remain the nucleus of your collective learning field for sustainable self-renewal – both personal as well as organizational.


What you can learn at the Change Leader Camp

  • You will learn about the success concepts of pioneering companies and go in depth with the three principles of future leadership: the unfolding of potential, evolutionary purpose and taking personal
  • You will research patterns which help or hinder the unfolding of potential.
  • You will discover the path to recognizing your own personal potential as well as that of your team or company.
  • You will create your prototype for new leadership all the way through to social innovations.
  • You will become an example of the new generation of leadership.


Proven approaches – Our foundation for the Change Leader Camp

Theory U by Claus Otto Scharmer, MIT (Institute of Technology) Researcher and Consultant

Scharmer‘s approach does not focus on what leaders do or how they do it, but on what the inner source of leadership is – The inner place from which our actions spring forth. How a situation develops depends on how we go about the situation: meaning from our own awareness and attention. Scharmer calls this “Leading from the emerging future” and means recognizing potential and future opportunities and to incorporate them into current tasks.

The three principles of self-renewal by Frédéric Laloux, former McKinsey consultant

Laloux has researched organizations which already run according to the “new paradigm” and describes their structures, practices and cultural patterns in detail.

Spiral Dynamics by Beck and Cowan; The Integral Model by Ken Wilber, cultural researcher

Both of these approaches make it possible to understand value systems within individuals as well as organizations. With the continuous development of consciousness, the paradigms which make innovative thinking and acting possible also change simultaneously.


Stefan Götz, Ulrike Suhr and Pierre Frot

Creative thinker, trailblazer and “Strategic learning partner to leaders“

With more than 20 years of experience in supporting leaders or as leaders in the industry themselves, Stefan Götz, Ulrike Suhr and Pierre Frot offer the perfect mix of expertise, passion and curiosity.

They have successfully executed transformation projects and effectively supported leaders in their own personal development. For the Change Leader Camp, they have now networked their skills and experiences for their vision of personal and organizational self-renewal. Stefan is the visionary, trailblazer and mentor who has led numerous leadership development programs at international companies. Ulrike is the creative and curious leader who has supported individuals during their development with her unfolding methods. Pierre is the consultant and coach who, with his intimate knowledge of the challenges of business and his in-depth experience of personal and collective emotions, supports the courage to transform.

Inspired by the possibilities to create something truly innovative, together they have created and developed the Change Leader Camp: an exciting journey which will link personal and organizational development in a way that is unprecedented.


Stefan Götz – The trailblazer

Stefan Götz – Version 8Stefan Götz is a passionate trailblazer and companion for anyone who believes in a new path in the economy: People who are ready and willing to contribute to change. With Change Leaders from various fields, Stefan has been churning out new approaches, manners of thinking and perspectives in the field of leadership, innovation and change and, together with his clients, has inspired cultural change among businesses for the last 20 years.



Ulrike Suhr – The Creative mind

Ulrike Suhr is a creative mind who has worked as a leader in the fields of communication and marketing for many years in both medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. Her creativity, her exceptional visual imagination and her ability to see the simplicity in the most complex were of great use to her in the field of marketing and then later brought her success in the industry. She masters several creativity techniques and holds workshops in which people learn how to tap into their potential. For several years



Pierre Frot – The Encourager

Pierre_Frot_www.stefan-goetz.comPierre Frot has supported people and organizations with large changes for more than 20 years now. He has accompanied numerous international transformation and merger projects as a consultant, coach, and inspirer. To brave new paths is his passion. He is a renowned specialist for working with collective emotions within companies. As an Executive Coach, he has supported many leaders in resolving their inner barriers and blockades allowing them to open new space for potential.


Participants, Schedule and Fees


Within the Change Leader Camp, you will meet like-minded individuals: leaders who have the desire to shape the future and to take on accountability by renewing themselves and their organization.


Camp 1:   10/08 – 10/10/2015
Camp 2:   11/26 – 11/28/2015
Camp 3:   02/04 – 02/06/2016
Camp 4:   04/21 – 04/23/2016
Camp 5:   06/09 – 06/11/2016

Arrival: always on Wednesday evening
Start: always on Thursday at 9:30 a.m.
End: always on Saturday at around 2 p.m.

7,500 € plus 19% VAT, room and board

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We are happy to meet you. Just call us :-)

Warmly, Stefan Götz and Pierre Frot.

Stefan Götz 0049 179 – 29 28 382
Pierre Frot 0049 179 – 7031 785


The Change Leader Camp 2015/2016 will be held in beautiful, natural setting in the Bavarian Alps in Germany

Hotel Jäger von Fall

Booking and billing is done directly with the hotel

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