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Corporate Leadership Development –
Leadership, that unfolds organizational potential

For more than 15 years we help leaders and organizations unfold their next level of success. We work as leadership advisors, inspired mentors, creative thinkers, corporate culture transformists and strategic learning partners to leaders.

Our co-creational leadership consulting work aims at transforming the business paradigm to the 21 century by building workplaces of indvidual and organizational potential unfolding. We guide the progressive and extraordinary leaders, their teams, and businesses to meaningful and sustainable success by focusing on purpose, collaboration, and vibrant company culture through “Conscious Leadership in Action:

  • We help leaders lead from a transformational space of authentic power to live the next level of success in their organization
  • We help leaders take the next step of unfolding of potential by integrating the power of KPI’s and purpose, ressources and potential, hierarchy and being accountable & self-autonomous
  • We help organizations organically become true leaders of their market


The Corporate Leadership Development Architecture –
Unique as our corporate clients and their potential.

Our focus in designing your program is on:

    • building a common understanding of cuurent leadership and how it serves the success of the organization and what level of leadership already emerges as the next possible step to ensure ongoing unfolding of potential for true market leadership.
    • linking Leadership development to corporate strategy, thus supporting strategy deployment and execution.
    • facilitating the transition into the next management level, thus increasing effectiveness and success in the new position.
    • creating cross-divisional, -regional and -functional “communities of practice” that which support the creation of a leading-edge, learning, conscious and self-autonomous organizational culture.
    • encouraging reflection and further individual development of leaders and their organization to continuously unfold creative and innovative potential for sustainable market leadership.


Corporate Leadership Program - Architecture