Our biggest nightmare: losing innovative strength

Project Description

Our biggest nightmare: losing innovative strength

Where does innovation occur? Not only in our minds. We access innovation when we get in touch with our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Through this we have the capacity to make sense of our perceptions, and motivations, asking ourselves honest questions. Even though nobody wanted to admit it at the time, the Titanic didn’t go down because of “the tip of the iceberg”, but because of the collision with a massive iceberg under the water’s surface. So the opportunity lies first within revealing what is true, accepting that, and then moving on – because innovation starts with this question.

But how can this happen if you are not ready, willing, or able to let go of the “old”? Letting go can only happen when you first acknowledge and appreciate your achievements thus far. Spend time with this consideration. As soon as you have taken a closer look at the “Iceberg”, you will acquire a more stable compass with which you can use to move closer to innovation. Only when we learn to get out of our comfort zone, can we be ready to explore something new. This takes courage, trust, and a strong backbone. When we can learn to navigate courageously through insecurity, uncertainty, and fear, we create a safe space for something new. This is what we focused on with this client – leaders in the market with their mid-size company.

In 2005, after a joint venture with former competitors was created, we set our sights on the building of a creative pool designed by culture architects. The intention of this pool was not to breed competitive sharks, but as more of a breeding ground for a critical mass of unfolding potential and development, spawned to lead a new culture of innovation. Through the creation of a shared set of values, a common language, a mutually acquired knowledge of culture and innovation tools, and an expedition to the integral inner compass, two previously separate and distinct companies came together and created something totally new .The next natural step entailed using the momentum generated by the power of individual self-awareness that was already set in motion, picking up the traces that had been left along the way, so that new ways of thinking and operating could be explored. This is how this network unfolded the potential to revitalize the corporate culture from the bottom up.

Project Details

Metal industy sector, name under NDA
March 28th, 2014
Change Process, Collective Leadership, Innovation, Organizational Development, Unfolding of Potential

Project Skills

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Consciousness Building
  • Cross-Cultural Competency
  • Empathic Listening
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integral Inner Compass
  • Personal Transformation Process
  • Potential Reading
  • Presencing
  • Present Communication
  • Remote Management
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • System Transformation Process
  • Theory-U