The result of an untamed life: Transformation.
Introducing: Stefan Götz. Born in 1964. And still as curious as a child.

April 2015: THE NEXT WAVE IN BUSINESS is published globally

How the new economic paradigm propels the creation of next generation businesses.

January 2015: U.Lab - Theory U Course with Otto Scharmer

for 6 weeks – Transforming Business, Society and Self

April 2014: CHANGE LEADER inside is the first Business Book at J.Kamphausen Publishing

Publisher Joachim Kamphausen reads CHANGE LEADER inside and decides to support the vision of the book. It is first published in German in Germany May 2014.

February 2014: Mystical Principles Course with Thomas Hübl

for 6 months

January 2nd 2014: Founding of Götz Global Leadership & Partners

After 23 years of guiding people and organizations in the unfolding of their culture code, Götz Global Leadership emerged as the next form of manifesting Evolutionary Leadership. It is a result of many inspiring talks to leaders, experiences made on travels throughout the world, and of a deep interior journey to who I am.

As Marcus, a visionary soul and friend says: “Connect your dots”. And in this way, I am deeply connected to my dots of this leadership journey, and I discover again and again why I am doing what I am doing. I am grateful and curious about what wants to unfold next and where I will be needed to serve my purpose and the collective purpose.

1998 until 2013 – Courage to leave traditional thinking for a live committed to societal system change.

November/December 2013: China and New Zealand become my territory of activities

October 2013: Famous last words

Change Leader inside Hardcover


After 1 1/2 years of research, writing and editing – the book is finally published.

2009 until 2013: Fresh Ideas TV


Co-Founder and Managing Partner. Our idea was to travel the world and meet Change Leaders from various disciplines to talk about innovation, change and leadership and what businesses can learn from them. Unfortunately this venture was not that successful because instead of connecting to my purpose, I wanted to become famous.

November 2012: Integral Leadership Training based on Ken Wilber Spiral Dynamics


IMU Augsburg for 25 days

Travel & Interviews for Fresh Ideas TV


Through Fresh Ideas TV I had the chance to meet, be inspired and to learn from Change Leaders from sports, culture, ecology, science, business and spirituality. Thank you!

August 2011: Transcending Coaching with Dr. Martina

Netherlands, for 20 days

1998 until 2009: Götz Management Training


Co-Founder & CEO

November 2009: Silent retreat in the desert with Charles Kunow

Sahara, for 14 days

2006 – Birth of my daughter Emilie


February 2005: International NLP Trainer/Master Training with Metaforum Intl.

Brazil, for 30 days

2004: Blue Ocean Strategy


I was one of the first to read the book, which was incredibly inspiring. Since there was no material around how to teach that stuff to business in the early days I just created my own design, tested and improved it with launching customers and ultimately became a facilitator for major corporate innovation projects and blue ocean business models.

2004: My first Global Culture Change Assignment

We designed and implemented a Global Leadership Program that would reach 100 leaders of a hidden champion company world-wide for a sustainable change of the culture code in Europe, Asia, India and the Americas. (End Fall 2014)

November 2002: Authentic Leadership Formation with Dr. Spezzano-Global

for 200 days

December 2001: Osho Multiversity

Meditation Centre Pune, India, for 30 days

September 2001: Systemic Organizational Constellation (Five Steps)

for 20 days

September 2000: Mastery University with Anthony Robbins

Hawaii/ USA, for 40 days

March 2000: Vipassena Zen Meditation

Sri Lanka, for 10 days

January 1999: Systemic Coaching & Consulting Training

for 30 days

1998: My next step emerges: Starting my own business

1992 bis 1998 – Still supporting business from within

1995 until 1998: Danone Germany

Senior Brand Manager

1997: Meeting with Ex Chancelor Dr. Kohl at ANUGA trade fair, Cologne


I was assigned the project to reconquer the market for Danone single cup yogurt. The result was a revolutionary concept launched in 1998, a consistent brand on the principles of organic food and ecologic packaging. The first nationwide organic product in the industry for an affordable price for all consumers in Germany. With Bioland organic milk and fruits and the launch of the first world-wide corn-based cup that is biodegradable after 60 days. This innovation was launched by Ex Chancelor Dr. Kohl on the ANUGA fair in cologne.

March 1995: Gestalt Training based on the work of Fritz and Laura Perls

Arnet, Germany, for 70 days


1992 until 1995: Roland Berger & Partner

Senior Strategy Consultant, Aviation & Aerospace

1964 until 1992 - Traditional Formation with A levels, Business Administration Studies at the University of Augsburg and Master Studies in Paris, Oxford and Berlin

1992: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Following my global mind-set, embracing an international MBA in Paris, Oxford and Berlin seemed a natural consequence, which really helped me to thrive on inspiration from various cultures.

1989 until 1992: Studying in Paris, Oxford and Berlin

Born and raised in the suburbs of Munich, Germany, I was always curious to see, explore and go out into the world – a perspective my father shared with us 4 children in the family. Which is why, I decided not only to study in Germany but to live and study abroad. I chose Paris, Oxford and Berlin for a solid foundation in International Business Management Know-How. But more than that I had the opportunity to breathe in different cultures and perspectives – just different ways of consciousness that make the world go round. And, I met some of my best friends.

1991: Birth of my son Scott


1991: A personal letter from Sir Richard Branson to my wedding

Richard Branson

Photo by Jarle Naustvik (CC BY 2.0)

Following our intuition is what unites us and a real amazing story. A story good to creat a cinema movie about, as I met my then future-wife as a student on a Virgin flight from London to Miami on February 14th 1991. Only months later we were pregnant with Scott, my son, and Sir Richard Branson gave us a honeymoon present of two return first class tickets London Miami. Thanks again, we really enjoyed it!



1990: Japan


My father is a global traveller with a very open mind and he always taught me to see the world through the eyes of people where they live. When I was invited by our japanese friends in July 1991 to come to Japan, I instantly booked the flight to explore their culture.



1989: EAP Studies in Paris


100 students from all over the world come together in Paris to start their 3 year cross-cultural MBA Program, being one year in Paris, another year in Oxford and a last year in Berlin.

1989: The wall breaks down in Berlin - and I am part of it.

“You can not stop Stefan”


Water, nature, mountains and the sea, these are my elements. I enjoyed freedom and explored the here and now – until school started. It is as if you wanted to tame the lion inside – as leo is my zodiac sign quite a hard job. However, already at school in second class the teacher would formulate: “No way you can ever stop Stefan” – So here I am 50 years later and starting to becoming who I am.

1968: Big Projects are of interest to me


I always enjoyed big projects.

August 2nd, 1964

Immatriculation at the University of Life

It is August 2nd when I am born in a little town called Gröbenzell, a suburb of Munich, Germany. It is a nice summer day and I come as fourth born child of my parents.