The Next Wave in Business - 2015
Advance Praise

 „…very inspiring book… It will be a success.”
Henri-Jean Braudel, Airbus Manager

„The topic of the book, human purpose and talents is key to the future of any business“
Managing Director, Market leader Pharmaceutical
1 - Ready for the Paradigm Shift of the New Era

„This book is a significant contribution to global change and really stands out…“
Susanne Strobach, Leadership Coach

There has been an emergence of a completely new network of possibilities and potentials – We just haven’t all picked it up on our radars yet. From our global, present point of view, which relates mostly to the Age of Enlightenment and Darwinism – we are operating on the most advanced operating system available thus far – “Competition Release 5.9”. And it did its job – up until now.

Key Issues

  • What is the new Economic Paradigm about
  • How does Generation Y already reflect this paradigm
  • How does the Shareconomy change our business models
  • How does Burn-out open up potential
  • How can we leap into Conscious Business
2 - The Power of an „Integral Map“ for Organizations 7.0

„. provides concrete tools to apply integral thinking into the corporate world“
Arndt Corts, Integral Coach

Inspired Organizations as we call them are process oriented, and develop an intelligence that goes far beyond rational, emotional, and relationship skills. They have the ability to perceive a much greater field of potential, and plug themselves into it something like a Wiki-potential.They develop an inner awareness for their purpose, their contribution to the big picture, and solutions that equally serve the people, the planet, and profit.

Key Issues

  • How Organizations can be Inspired by Neurobiology
  • What is the Integral Order of the (7.0) Marketplace
  • Why are 5.0 Companies considered burnt-out in 7.0 Markets
  • What is the Integral Map for Future Organizations 7.0
  • How does a Culture of Unfolding Potential look like
  • Which Organizations are already Unfolding their Potential
  • How Organizational Potential unfolds through purpose
  • What is the Integral Potential of the German Economy
3 - Integral Leadership - Emerging Potential from the Future

„ ..reading the book really strengthend my belief that business of the future is human …“
Ulrike Suhr, Marketing Director CGI

Integral Leadership means being connected to the here and now and it’s tremendous power of potential unfolding. Change Leaders, masters of Integral Leadership, dispose of antennas through which they are picking up countless new opportunities from the future – just like seismographs that observe, listen, feel, and sense what wants to manifest. This conscious -ness has the energy to transform existing strategies, leadership, and our culture as a whole.

Key Issues

  • Potential of Integral Leadership to Unfold Corporate Potential
  • Communication, Culture & Strategy Emerging from the Future
  • The Power of Change Coming from your Purpose
  • Change Leaders are Guided by their Integral Inner Compass
  • Inspired Organizations live an Integral Entrepreneurial Compass
4 - Integral Competences for Potential Unfolding 7.0

„.it shows us a way how we as individuals can live the new way, both in private and business.“
Thomas Hässler, Chairman and Founder Hässler Lift

What kind of consciousness is currently paving the way for managers to become leaders, incite transformation, and not just superficial changes? Most of all, it is the willingness of people to accept that they won’t get paid straight away for every problem-solving idea that gets presented. Instead they will have to learn to accept unknown circumstances and personal processes, and maybe even endure the fear of the unknown itself, but that’s what enables a whole new level of innovation to take place.

Key Issues

  • From Resource Users to Unfolders of Potential
  • Conscious Leaders are Unfolders of Potential
  • Presencing – Unfolding Potential from the Emerging Future
  • Unconditional Trust opens New Space for Solutions
  • Falling in Love with Intuition, Inspiration and Innovation
  • Choosing the Path of Least Resistance
5 - Change Leaders Consciousness Make a Difference

„.. Thank you Mr. Götz for writing such a pioneering book.“
Baerbel Roepke-Stieghorst, Head Trainer and Coach

Elon Musk, Ricardo Semler, Götz Werner, Ellen MacArthur, Christian Felber, Brian Chesky, all Change Leaders of their kind who share a level of consciousness that reveals a new window of potential, which carries a blueprint, filled with impulses, inspiration, and ideas from the future. Acting out of this consciousness, organizations have the power to enrich our lives and transform the status quo of our world.

Key Issues

  • The Essence of Change Leaders
  • Competition and Cooperation–Huberbuam (Extreme climbers)
  • 1,500 years of Leadership–Dr. Notker Wolf (Benedictine Abbot Primate)
  • Drugstore chain dm – Götz Werner (Anthroposophist)
  • Tesla – Elon Musk (Multi-visionary, doer, rule-breaker)
  • Eye to Eye in Brazil – Manager-Free Semco
  • Circular Economy & Fairphone – Inspiration from Nature
  • Economy for the Common Good – Our Future?
6 - How do I Practice Integral Leadership in Everyday Life

„…I am thrilled and stunned about the fresh perspectives.“
Gerhard Kracht, Blogger

Basically, it comes down to implementing an integral life practice, which will lead you directly to your source and it is through the commitment of applying yourself that will make a difference in your life and in the life of those around you that you care about, both at work and in private. I call it the Three-degree effect – The continuous implementation of small changes that make big changes with time.

Key Issues

  • Accepting What Is Allows Potential to Emerge
  • Losing Control Sets you Free
  • Integrate Yourself and Flow is Guaranteed
  • Live & Create – Serenity in the Here and Now
  • Mindfulness Strategies of Integral Change Leaders
7 - Emerging to the New Era

„… is really powerful as it is very authentic, you can sense that the author walks his talk“
Conny Dollbaum, Blogger

The Integral Leadership Journey is a „Community of Practice“, a community of like-minded individuals, who work on developing relevant practices for everyday life, in order to break into the new era. This community is an answer to the need for growth, for learning, for inspiration, and for a positive contribution. Within five different developmental, inspirational and transformational fields, there are strategic learning partnerships, in order to have an effect on the necessary changes in a sustainable way.

Key Issues

  • We are Integral by Nature
  • Five Fields of Transformation into the New Era
  • Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry @ Steve Jobs
Pay what feels right - COMING SOON 2015

“Pay what feels right” is my offer to anyone who appreciates a more personalised and more conscious way of buying. My experience is that some books changed my life whereas supported the next step. May be you have a similar experience. Pay what feels right is my answer to an evolutionary approach of business.

Download free your version and after 4 weeks I will send an email and ask you what this book means to you and your life. You decide yourself what you want to pay. Whatever you contribute is welcome as it will help spread the vision and help to change this planet and it will support the funding of the translation of the german into the english version.

If you like the idea, please choose from the following formats:

  • MOBI (Kindle)
  • EPUB ( iBook/iPad, Nook and Kobo )
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