Pay what Feels Right
The conscious way of buying

“Pay what feels right” is my offer to anyone who appreciates a more personalised and more conscious way of buying. My experience is that some books changed my life whereas others supported the next step. May be you have a similar experience. Pay what feels right is my answer to an evolutionary approach in business.

You choose the amount you want to pay that feels right to you. Whatever you contribute is welcome as it will help create an economy that serves all: purpose, people, planet and profit.

If you like the idea, please choose from the following formats:

  • MOBI (Kindle)
  • EPUB (iBook/iPad, Nook and Kobo )
  • PDF version

Please fill in the email-field and you will receive the download link to the book.Together we can change the world.

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PS. If you share the same vision, spread the word because we are much more people on the way as we believe we are.

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