Books leave behind traces of transformation.
What readers are saying about CHANGE LEADER inside

„its really not only a book rather a journey towards excellence…touching  inner senses and revolutionary“
Saranath Bhaduri – Vice President Manufacturing Ceratizit, India

„ ..reading the book really strengthend my belief that business of the future is human.“
Ulrike Suhr – Marketing Director CGI, Germany

„I believe this book to be at the very forefront of a whole new consciousness, not only in terms of leadership and organisational culture – but also what it means to live to one’s full potential as a human being.
Kieron Goodwin – Executive Director of the Kiwi Recovery Trust, New Zealand

“…You will find that The Next Wave by Stefan Götz has the impact of a transformational tsunami! You will not be able to be present with this material and walk away as the same person you were when you picked it up. It is that insightful
Pedro Silva– Senior Technical Recruiter, JCSI, USA

“I love it! I like the way you make integral theory accessible. I have found so many good things that could have helped me in the past as the CEO of a software company”
Ann Horn – Leadership Coach, Sweden

“I am totally thrilled! Treat yourself to this refreshing think-tank of new ideas, thoughts, and inspiration for a new leadership in the 21st century. A highly recommended book!”
Bernadette Bruckner – Blogger, Austria

” .. it really touched me. Finally somebody calls out new possibilities by name. Models for integral organization and integral leadership… like a treasure chest, full of inspiration for everyday life. I strongly suggest you pick this book up..”
Antonia Daniek – Community Manager, Germany

“This book is just the beginning, it leaves me wanting more – there is significant change coming our way – Thank you for your contribution, Stefan!”
Marcus Podorf – Strategy Consultant, South Africa

„ is very will be a success…“
Henri-Jean Braudel – Manager Airbus, France

„This book is very stimulating and challenges us to think forward. An excellent book for conscious leaders as a clear way is shown how to build future organizations.“
Graeme A’Court – APAC Director at ALung Technologies, USA

“Very inspiring, guiding the way towards a potential culture in organizations”
Dr. Thomas Juli  –  Senior Manager Organizational Development – Magna Automotive, Austria

“..a book which is super great and leads people to becoming a true leader indeed!”
Jack Liao 收件者  – Quality Manager CBCT, China

“What a combination! Here is a man who is not only experienced and successful but also highly qualified in the consulting sector – a real stand up guy. He has abandoned the beaten path of big strategies … a must for those who are interested in making a difference, supporting transformation, and contributing to the greater good for all.”
Bernhard Kühner – Sales Director Kunze, Germany

“New tools and fresh ways of thinking to successfully prepare leaders for the 21st century… A book that will both serve and unite people in leadership roles of every generation – Thank you”
Antonio Rubio – Leadership Coach, Germany

„This book truly is a genius source of inspiration, guiding us towards leading business from the emerging future”. Richard Brusa – Managing Director AXA Winterthur Agency, Switzerland

„I’m blown away by how much fact and data you have gathered and your incredible cross referencing.“
Harry Poliak – Leadership Coach, USA