Purpose-Inspired Corporate Culture May Reinvent Business

Purpose-Inspired Corporate Culture May Reinvent Business

Inspired organizations serve purpose, people, planet and profit alike.

A corporate culture 5.0 relies on competition. The best move up the rang, and when there the performance isn’t up to par, then it’s on to outplacement – which is a nice little saying that means you get a pink slip and a paycheck. 5.0 companies have also realized that in addition to competition, teamwork is also really important. Now, how should a team of alpha types work together? In elaborate indoor or outdoor team building exercises, alpha types are try and feel as if they are developing something together by doing things like building bridges over streams, or helping one another to climb up walls. At the end, the people that get the most out of this are the event, incentive, or team-building branches. But cooperation can’t be assigned if the necessary consciousness isn’t present.

6.0 businesses or organizations have taken it a step further in development because here, there are established value systems, leadership principles, concepts, and standards of behavior in place. When it’s working out good enough, at least it will be discussed and adopted into a leadership committee, and communicated to the lower levels. There are seldom businesses that would actually initiate a dialog, which would make the entire business results transparent, involving all employees, allowing each person to be clear about what it means to them personally.


dolphins-720A 7.0 business or organization takes it to another level. The key theme here is unfolding of potential out of a yellow 7.0 consciousness. The focus on culture shaping and formative measures lies in the unfolding of the integral inner compass. Yes, you’ve read that right – it no longer has to do with developing something that isn’t yet present – it has to do with allowing the unfolding to take place, like unwrapping a birthday present, or an onion, peeling off the layers to get to the core. In this corporate culture, there aren’t any change programmeson the menu, which attempt to change everything and everyone, almost always in vain. No, the point is here that you don’t have to change people or things, you just have to open your eyes to perceive, and recognize what is – the full potential, and not the resources. Within such a culture, variety, diversity and duality are absolutely encouraged, from which an endless field of possibilities can be created, because nobody has to nor wants to fight for their own point of view. Just like when a world class orchestra plays – the music is an experience that opens us up to new worlds, when despite of, or because of all of the differences, it all comes together into a divine flow of sound, the unification of the greater whole. This can create a resonance between the orchestra and the audience that does much more than just give us goose bumps.


All those of you who have had the chance to attend a concert – whether it be rock, pop, or classical, know exactly what I’m talking about. The energy and the flow that is generated unite your heart and mind, and sets unexpected creative energy free. And that’s exactly what happens in a 7.0 corporate culture. Whoever still insists upon exercising their control, dominance, and hierarchy out of 5.0, either misunderstood the qualities of 7.0, or is fearful of losing their authority or needs some support on the way to 7.0. Sure, a successful 5.0 manager is still a winner today, but also an around-the-clock manager, with the weight of the world upon their shoulders. At 7.0, neither success, nor failure is an issue, nor glory nor shame, but a great deal of potential, arising playfully through diversified togetherness and cooperation.


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