7.0 Integral Consciousness will Unfold Organizational Potential

7.0 Integral Consciousness will Unfold Organizational Potential

Development of the collective consciousness has been visible and tangible since years now, shaping an entirely new post-modern awareness (yellow 7.0). The leap into Second Tier-Consciousness full of new prospects, opportunities, and potentials is within our reach. Welcoming more flexible thinking and behavior in a larger context, and ushering in an integrative system. The evolved spirit and a free-flowing, gentle mental attitude generate integral solutions, that switch from “either or” to “as well as”. Solutions and potential out of this consciousness are formed from transrational perspectives.The first step into this transrational perspective takes place through the shift from ego to eco based thinking. Meaning that we don’t invest in the thought form “the best player wins”, rather we go straight to the system, or the greater good, or divine intelligence, which is at the heart of where the answer lies. The purely ego-centric view fades away in order to be replaced with a world-centered view. Therin lies the chance, that through subtle perception, we can come into contact with a new field of potential, perspectives, opportunities, and holistic answers that contribute to the greater good of all – economically, ecologically, and socially. The key to finding our way into this new field lies in the willingness to empty our minds, letting go of old concepts that have suitably taken us up to this point.

Do you remember the story about Nan-in, the Japanese Zen master, who served tea to the professor, until it overflowed? He didn’t stop pouring until the professor crossly exclaimed: “It is overflowing! No more will go in!” To this Nan-in replied, “Like this cup,” “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?

Once again, the key is about letting go of what you thought you knew, and replacing it with not needing to know. This is easier said than done, because when the pressure is on in business to provide innovation, lower costs, and/or to raise profits, we often lack the trust and the confidence necessary to turn our backs on old concepts that had previously worked in the past to set our sights on something different and unfamiliar. This willingness to put yourself out there into uncertain, but potential-rich terrain, and deal with insecurity, unrest, maybe even helplessness and fear in order to learn, is what it is all about. No more easy solutions or quick-fixes are left! Remember what Alvin Toffler said: „The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.“

Now the time has come in which you can further develop your will power as a leader, and through your personal growth, watch business and society unfold congruently at the same time. This doesn’t come without challenges: You will no longer be the star, and you ego will no longer be stroked. On the contrary, your ego will only stand in the way of developing Second-Tier Consciousness. On top of that, the growth and formation of your emotional center takes on top priority. That is, the exploration of your thoughts and feelings, and how you operate with them in everyday management. For some, this prospect sounds exciting and inspiring, and for others it sounds downright uncomfortable and even boring. But believe me, I know what I’m talking about. It may not sound attractive, but he/she who can become the master of their emotional center, has access to collective intelligence and opens him or herself up to an adventure of transpersonal and transrational fulfillment, found within the space of Second-Tier consciousness. For us as leaders, that means that we no longer have to know everything, do everything, have fear of failure, and worry about the approval of superiors. It means that we let go of the need to have material success, because we don’t need external conditions to determine our personal success or self-respect. We are finally free to make a meaningful contribution, which is of our very essence. The willingness and the desire emerge to be true to our nature, and serve the greater good.

weekly excerpt from the book “Change Leader inside”, that will be published December 2014

Wishing you ease, grace and joy for the upcoming week…
Yours, Stefan Götz+