7.0 Integral Potential Chart of the German Economy

7.0 Integral Potential Chart of the German Economy

If the German economy combines its brilliant mind with an open heart, all of that energy which has been held back will fly out like a champagne cork, allowing the entire potential and inventive genius to bubble up once again!

What is Integral potential mapping 7.0?

It’s about going on a deeper exploration of the active awareness present in an organization, a business, a nation, or a system. Through a group field and group intelligence, personal and transpersonal spaces are explored, that carry information which goes beyond a cognitive strength test or systemic hypotheses. The limited awareness that results from the blind spots of personal perception is roused to dissolve its limitations along the way. Through intuition and presence, a vital perception is disclosed, made tangible, and palpable. It contains the deep-seated fixations and unconscious potential of an organization or a business. The potential that is attained in this way can be unfolded through a second step for concrete, new business solutions, which are not only sustainable, but also effective.


Stefan Götz: „Where does the German economy stand today? What is the potential? What is Germany’s purpose in the world?“

(S. B.) „The first impression I get is a geographical image of Germany within Europe, and when I tune into it, I feel considerable force and power. Then I feel love for the whole, meaning Germany, the economy, and the whole of the culture. There is a feeling as if the enormous weight of Germany causes it so sink right through the map.” (M. H.) „As if it is touching its roots, which I find really healthy. After the last war, Germany was really shocked, but now there is a healthy process going on – not only for Germany. It feels like the arrival of a new era.” (S. B.) „There is a tremendous amount of movement in the economical system, so much that it makes me feel dizzy and a little bit disoriented.“


Stefan Götz: „What could Germany’s contribution to an integral economy be?“

(M. H.) “I believe that there is a receptiveness in Germany for higher values. And of course, the catastrophe has happened to us here, for example, we have constructed a human condition in which we collectively strive to provide for something higher in the service of something quite primitive. And now, it requires a really high awareness in order to develop potential and move forward, with as much benefit as possible, and for the greatest amount of people possible, so that we are once again present with our heart and soul. And when I refer to the soul, I am not just referring to a synonym for psychic processes, but really to a higher intelligence.“


I believe that the German economy is extremely competent in dealing with complexity, and when that can be combined with an exquisite system of values, then creative and innovative solutions can emerge, possibly affecting the entire world.


(TS) „This image is emerging in me, with more joy, and heart energy. Structures will be totally transformed, and the pace doesn’t feel as stressful. „That can happen quite easily.“


The key lies in the re-integration of the heart and values. If it is rooted in purpose, then a quantum leap will take place in both the cognitive and the technical potential line.


(A. P.) „What is coming to me is that the “service to the world” – flows from a source of inner abundance. Not because of pressure, but because we truly realize that we are better off when we integrate as much, and with as many people as possible.“


Opening up to feelings leads to a much more intelligent economic culture, in which power structures lose their importance.


Flag_Germany_Mark_B_Schlemmer„It requires an opening up to feelings in order to competently handle pent-up emotional areas from one’s life, from their business life, and from the collective. So that the emotions, for example, fears, can be transformed back into possibilities, and those possibilities can be expanded into love, and compassion. And suddenly narrow power structures won’t play such a big role anymore. At that point they just break down, like the bursting of a dam. I have goose bumps, because the potential of the German economy is becoming more tangible, and it is so dynamic, suddenly ushering in so much joy, and so much livelihood. If someone in the outdated orange (Spiral dynamics model) would say: ‚What an improvement in efficiency! Unbelievable!’ There would be a huge chance for cooperation on a way higher level, whereby a lot of wage and working models would align, and the right lower quadrant would strongly align as well. That would be much less of a problem than we think. We pay far too much attention to figures and try to change things in the lower right quadrant (strategy, processes nd organization), when on a certain level, they can only be accessed through the upper (consciousness, emotions, purpose..) and lower left quadrants (culture..), that is through experience, our interior experience.“


Photo German Flag by Mark B. Schlemmer

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