Dimensions of Consciousness, Leadership, Culture and Strategy emerging from the future

Dimensions of Consciousness, Leadership, Culture and Strategy emerging from the future

Dimensions of an organization now specifically relate to a level of potential, for example, the “orange consciousness 5.0”. In each domain of potential in this level, we observe how distinct that consciousness is there, and where further development is either taking place, or will take place. 7.0 companies develop potential from the inside out. Now you can see all four domains of potential simultaneously. Because of their inherent consciousness, they have a transformational effect on organizations. In the everyday life of an organization, it is obvious that personal attitudes, needs, feelings, one’s own behavior, and communication and leadership skills have a direct influence on the company culture, products, processes, and structures. Every single little change has a simultaneous effect on all four domains of potential.

In recent years, with the background of a dominantly orange 5.0 consciousness, the focus of business and organizational development has been primarily based on the classic theme of process and strategy consulting. This was followed by a dominant green 6.0 consciousness, with reinforced themes of classic team building for common values. The time has now come in which our consciousness can be developed integrally, giving us the opportunity to unfold brand new potential. It is purely a matter of being ready and willing to develop our individual consciousness. That means diving in deeply and devotedly to explore our thoughts, feelings, fears, trust, confidence, anger, joy, appreciation and love – our aspects of shadow and light that we carry with us. It is only through the perception and awareness of our „Integral inner compass“that we can reveal ourselves in a new light, as truly transparent and powerful – to our employees, clients, partners, family, and friends.

Key issues of the „Integral inner compass“ are: What is my contribution to this world? Where and how can I make a real difference? What is my role in this? What is important to me? Which beliefs can support me to make my mission possible? In the awareness of these essential aspects, I take action within the perspective of a totally new context, in which everyone and everything has its place because it is wholly integrated. All potential can be unfolded, because no contradiction is present. You can think of this like a battery whose energy only starts to flow once both the positive and negative poles are simultaneously intact.

wishing you ease, grace and joy for the upcoming week,
kind regrads, Stefan+
weekly excerpt from the Book “THE NEXT WAVE” in business that will be published December 2014