Emerging to the New Era

Emerging to the New Era

What is an Integral Inner Compass or an integral awareness guideline good for if we don’t have an integral view of the world? How can we break into the new era with a split consciousness? We are not separate, nor independent of the world – we are integral by nature. But perhaps, up until now, you’ve chosen to make a distinction between your business and your private life with “good” reason – Made a decisive separation between your business me and your private me, and between business and “spirit-uality”, which is almost like saying there are 2 different persons with 2 different purposes in life. Only, how do we manage such a fragmentation within ourselves? What kind of consequences does that produce in our lives? We use a great deal of energy working against our own nature. Please take some time to check out how that applies to you. See where you stand, and if you’re in balance by working on the “Integral World Map”. And if that applies to you and me as individuals, then the same stands true for our society and economy, because the systems that we live and operate in are interconnected – Purpose, people, planet and profit are all inseparable. That is no “Either-or” but instead “As well as”. If you act out of purpose, profits are generated that are beneficial for the planet and its people.


Change Leaders like you and I are self-confident and responsible individuals who are enthusiastic and caring for something above and beyond themselves, for the world and all living beings. These are also people who have developed an authentic life practice for themselves and cherish the life that they speak of. They require a big vision that comes from the deepest part of their heart, for which they have passionate enthusiasm. It is the vision of a new society and culture, in which everyone has a place, and can find a way not only to make a living, but to make a difference by living his or her purpose. Everyone can call upon and be inspired by this vision, and even feel the irresistible urge within themselves to invite, co-create, and want to be a part of the big change that is long overdue. Work will then be transformed into a joyful task, in which we can share own our individual potential with the world.

Integral leadership for Change Leaders is not about better coaching, or a superior leadership approach, like in the Orange 5.0 consciousness of society and business where “making more from less” in order to be the best wins some kind of prize. To be an integral Change Leader means that we can no longer not look after our contribution to the world. Therefore, these people are characterized by a high degree of commitment to the following topics:

  • Development of skills for awareness and consciousness of their own light and shadow sides, limitations and potential.
  • The courage to explore and expand in order to remain “fluid” with life and consciousness.
  • A high level of awareness for the versatility and instant power to manifest, which converts into being a purpose-ful power for system innovation.
  • Continuous re-evaluation of beliefs.
  • Maintaining the skills for networked thinking, feeling, and behaving, to have access to trans rational spaces, which makes leading from the future possible, manifesting a high synchronization with the “field”.

This is also your foundation for a new, individually expansive emerging intelligence – a collective intelligence that makes it possible for us to take a leap in evolution for our economy and for our society.


A weekly excerpt from the book “THE NEXT WAVE in BUSINESS”, being published end of 2014
wishing you a splendid week,
kindly yours, Stefan Götz+