Presencing – Unfolding Potential from the Emerging Future

Presencing – Unfolding Potential from the Emerging Future

If you want to go one step further in your development, to release new potential in your life, for your team, for your surroundings, or for your business, that takes going through the process of becoming conscious of the concepts that have guided your life up until now. The trick is to not get stuck in it, just remain open and continue on your path, willing to face what you find behind these concepts that you have carried with you for so long.This requires a “U-process of letting go and letting come”

At a level of thinking and understanding, letting go seems quite simple in that we become rationally aware of taking other decisions than our behavioral patterns would normally call for. As soon as we reach out to the level of feelings and intentions, our unconscious concepts come into play. Here, the full range of human existence is at our disposal, a mixed bag of all emotions, such as joy, peace, love, ease and pleasure, but also fear, shame, powerlessness, anger, doubt, and aggression, just to name a few. In this moment of processing, we tend to linger in concepts and emotions. Letting go is not a cognitive output, but first and foremost a question of acceptance. Letting go happens through acceptance.

This may sound really strange, but give this a try once – when you’re feeling angry or fearful because you just got fired or let go, when you’re getting criticized by your boss in front of your entire team, and you lose face. I wonder if you could really keep your cool. The chances are that you would more likely be seething with rage, sinking into your seat with shame, or shaking with fear. As the saying goes: Change Leader - 105The best way to get over fear is to walk directly into it. Fear, anger, and despair only begin to dissipate once we face them head on, and accept the feelings that come with them. That doesn’t mean that we let ourselves get totally absorbed in them, but just accept the situation as it is. It is only through the unconditional recognition of what is, that we can return to a peaceful state of letting go, with ripe curiosity to discover what’s coming next – visibly, audibly, and tangibly. Just imagine what kind of potential you can release, and what kind of new solutions you can find for projects, that once seemed to have reached a dead end – despite (or because of) your old bag of tools, your team, your organizational constellations, and systemic dialogue at hand.

The last level to go through is, for the most of us, the most challenging, and yet it holds the most potential: The level of the will. Here, what holds us back is the notion that we’re supposed to already have the know-how or be able to do everything – at work, in an innovation team, or even in a relationship. In Europe, being so influenced by western thought, we’ve created a peak in social and industrial opportunities, so the risk is great that we are actually limiting our highest potential of multi-dimensionality by sticking to a limiting one-dimensional view. But if we open ourselves up to the complexity we could enjoy, then we can get to know our employees, our team, our company, and our organizations much better through this process. We can open ourselves up to a totally new perception, and a much more efficient way to obtain information – through our senses. Using this newly acquired tool of presence, it will become much easier to identify and let go of even the most stubborn fixations within an organization. This step forward makes it possible for us to integrate coherent impulses, leading to transformation, out of which innovative solutions will be brought forth in order to serve the world.

The Ego often makes this process more difficult, especially when we haven’t yet let go of the feelings that have held us back on an emotional level. But, if we are to be successful as pioneers of a new generation of visionary, self-confident, and authentically responsible people, who also recognize the evolutionary impulses within ourselves, which we can promote, and implement, then we will develop a core competence in finding answers to global complexity of the future in a simple and effective way.The intention of this approach is to develop more pioneers, and not successors, which makes it truly sustainable.


weekly excerpt from the book “THE NEXT WAVE in BUSINESS”, that will be published in January 2015

wishing you ease, grace and joy for the upcoming week
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  1. Pedro Silva Author March 3, 2015 (2:28 am)


    This post is fabulous. Imagine if presencing was SOP. I long for day when this way of engaging is encouraged in our schools and other systems. When you mentioned the ego, I thought about how so many people see this way of thinking as a threat. Have you thought about how to get around the ego’s defenses? My theory is that it has to be done through poetry or story. Do you have any methods?