The Integral Inner Compass of World-Class Climbers – The Huberbuam Brothers

The Integral Inner Compass of World-Class Climbers – The Huberbuam Brothers

My life path leads me over the mountains, it is there that I find my purpose, reach my inner peak.

Like the point of all religions, in essence, making my way towards the very summit, to come closer to God, or to reach the next dimension. If I were to only take on projects that I know from the beginning are almost 100% achievable, it would be completely boring – then it would be like taking an easy, well-known path

Purpose and Vision

For Huberbuam, it isn’t about being the best, it has much more to do with a path of self-development, bringing out the best in oneself, reaching inner peaks and becoming a coherent pioneer of one’s own interior life.



„We are risk-takers, but we want to live“. Risk-taking is consistent with the purpose of the Huberbuam in reaching their inner peaks. That’s why they go for projects that push borders, so that they can reach their inner peaks, and through that, experience the depth of themselves, and their potential. As risk-takers they seek out intense situations, which allow them to experience their unique qualities, filling them with intense joy and strength, and bringing them closer to the experience of the next dimension, God, or a perfect union with themselves.


Values and Beliefs

Huberbuam’s congruent integral inner compasses pave the way for congruent values and peak performance.

Thomas: Passion, curiosity, joy, discipline

Alexander: Devotion, intensity




Talents and Potential

Thomas:„It is exactly this awareness, this sensibility of being in the present moment, which enables an expanded perception of the here and now which is vital in risk-taking. It is in the potential of absolute awareness that opens up a deep connection between man and nature, leading to self-transcendence. It is a consciousness, a perception beyond thinking, feeling, or willing. This opens up a totally new space to uncover the best in oneself, the best in everyone, and the best to live your purpose.“

Alexander:Use your feelings as a guide to make decisions, but don’t allow them to overwhelm you. Use the intensity of your feelings to completely surrender and create a new space for solutions, which will provide intuitive clarity for your next step. The potential lies in engaging with that which already is. To be ready to face that which is in front of you.“


Leadership Journey, People and Planet

These pioneer achievements made by the Huber brothers don’t originate from a place of destructive competition, but from beneficial competitive behavior. What’s the difference? The focus! A courageous step from one brother towards his potential encourages the next courageous step in the other. Their perspective is to encourage, inspire, and support one another to take the next step in the unfolding of potential, and awakening the very best in one another. Strengthening each individual’s talents, and potential in beneficial competition, means encouraging them to do their very best for themselves. Here, envy plays no role.

In this consciousness, I choose strategies that will be oriented to my inner potential, my mission and my vision. Because it’s not a question of trying to fit in someone else’s shoes, or copy others,It’s much more about living out my own potential, and being my very own best. Cooperation with others doesn’t need to focus on being a perfect team, but a high-performance team. What’s the difference? It doesn’t mean to strengthen the strengths and to balance the weaknesses, but instead that each person works on him or herself first. A high performance team means first and foremost a high performance self. When I live out the saying „Be the best you can be.” it creates a magnetic attraction for people with the same consciousness – be it with employees, partners, clients, or suppliers.


wishing you ease, grace and joy for the upcoming week,
kind regards, Stefan+

weekly excerpt from the Book “THE NEXT WAVE in BUSINESS” that will be published January 2015