The Next Wave in Business >> Integral Competences for Potential Unfolding 7.0 << now at amazon„.it shows us a way how we as individuals can live the new way, both in private and business.T. Hässler, Chairman Hässler Lift

What kind of consciousness is currently paving the way for managers to become leaders, incite transformation, and not just superficial changes? Most of all, it is the willingness of people to accept that they won’t get paid straight away for every problem-solving idea that gets presented. Instead they will have to learn to accept unknown circumstances and personal processes, and maybe even endure the fear of the unknown itself, but that’s what enables a whole new level of innovation to take place.

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Key Issues

  • From Resource Users to Unfolders of Potential
  • Conscious Leaders are Unfolders of Potential
  • Presencing – Unfolding Potential from the Emerging Future
  • Unconditional Trust opens New Space for Solutions
  • Falling in Love with Intuition, Inspiration and Innovation
  • Choosing the Path of Least Resistance