Integral Entrepreneurial Compass – System Changing Potential

Integral Entrepreneurial Compass – System Changing Potential

Just imagine what it would mean for an organization if every board member would be involved in an intense process of discovery with their own integral inner compass? Uncovering their purpose, vision, mission, identity, values and beliefs – and taking action from that source when making strategic decisions and leading their employees from that source as well. Don’t you think that it’s vital to the potential of a business to know what kind of integral inner compass that you operate and lead from? And if you agree, than all the more better to become familiar with the integral inner compass of your collleagues and employees from all departments, right?

From my experience, I notice that when we act from an aligned integral inner compass it shows a very truthful and powerful change in our personal and business life. And this is good for everyone – You, your employees, partners, and clients, because it is not only products and services which are coming out of this new quality of yellow consciousness, but an authentic and sustainable supply chain, that will not only be highly respected by 7.0 clients, but it will surely become a prerequisite as well. In the future of the 6.0 and 7.0 markets, where many products will be similar or interchangeable, the details of how products come to be, and their relation to environmental and social resources will become a much more significant factor.

Some of you, as managers, might be wondering just how this could work in a controlling-driven company, in which management changes every two to four years? And then I’d ask you, who formulates the strategies? People or robots? Who makes the final decision regarding strategies, and on what basis is the decision taken? What kind of significance do you think the integral inner compass of the managing board has? Or do you still believe in the „homo economicus“, who decides objectively, rationally, and optimally, just like we learned in college? And maybe you’re going to respond to me that the integral inner compass of a leadership team may play a role in strategic and leadership decisions, but that there is a difference between the personal and professional worlds, creating the need for two compasses.

Maybe your behavior really is different between these two worlds – perhaps you’re a softie at home and a toughie at work, or you are a schedule hound at work, but prefer to be more spontaneous at home. Nevertheless, think about what consequences it could have for both you and the company if you would operate from 9-5 on a superimposed integral inner compass, and then once you’re in your private sphere, you operate on a total contradictory integral inner compass. Can you imagine what kind of friction and inner conflict you would be creating there? Not to mention the total waste of potential and energy. So what about taking a first step through a process of dialogue for the managing board, in which the diversity of integral inner compasses can be explored and recognized. To know what motivates my colleagues, where they stand, what’s really important to them, and what will endure and have meaning for them beyond the strategy papers. This simple dialogue can infuse a totally new energy, coherence, and potential for a sustainable, and successful strategy, which is nourished from the fundamental inner potential of each and everyone involved.

Now you’re going to ask me what to do about the “Alpha” types who may not be up to speed. Good question, it sounds unsurmountable to me. Nevertheless, I will ask you how long you can afford to stay behind just because of the few people who don’t notice what’s going on with the new generation Y, and the success of 7.0 consciousness on the market – Only because they don’t realize it, or because they don’t want to.

wishing you ease, grace and joy for the upcoming week,
kind regards, Stefan+

weekly excerpt from the Book “THE NEXT WAVE in BUSINESS” that will be published January 2015