The Transformational Power of Your Purpose

The Transformational Power of Your Purpose

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.

Our Purpose provides us with orientation for our life when we are engaged in the discovery of ourselves, when we learn to be mindful about what happens in our lives and we are able to “read signposts” of the universe.

We shall never forget that the world is a safe learning environment, because if we do it right we will grow, be happy and experience powerful meaning in our lifes and the lives of others around us. This will not imply that every day is an easy going day, relaxing in a hammock, but it would mean that whilst we are busy doing what we are doing all obsticals that we experience are meant to be a training ground for our purpose. Looking back to your life will provide you exactly with all the references, experiences good or bad that reveal your purpose in life. And the obsticals were meant to be there for you to discover and apply your gifts what was needed in this very moment to unfold the potential of everyone. All needs we have are not about being fulfilled by others to make us happy, but they are the very compass of what we have to give. And once we discover the truth about our needs, we will become who we are, powerful, meaningful human beings.

What are the elements of the compass? And which questions will open the doorway to them? Before we go deeper, I’d like to emphasize that we’re devoting ourselves to one of life’s most complex questions, and I don’t want to give the impression that this tool will give us an immediate answer. It is a map, which guides us into complex territory. So, are you ready?

The strongest guiding power belongs to purpose, which is “given” to us in life, no matter where it comes from. A colleague of mine, Hubert Kölsch, said it best like this: „Say we live on another planet, pretty much like in paradise – constant sun, white sand beaches, palm trees, but sure enough, after a couple of months, even paradise gets old. So, then you come across a flyer for an info evening about one’s purpose in life. We go there, and find that there are life purposes available on the market, like at a county fair, and we wait until one comes along that triggers something in us like “Learning to trust” for example. Like at an auction at Sotheby’s, we walk away with our heart’s desire and are totally happy about it. Suddenly there is a big blip, and we fall off the edge of the earth, and upon violent impact it seems that we have forgotten what our job was. We live our lives just like everyone else – there are good times, and hard times, but somehow we try to plan out everything in our lives: School, college, job, career, friends, family, children, etc.…




Although we try hard to avoid failure, some crises come around – separation, terminations, and divorce – the whole nine yards. We’re always pushing our limits, and somehow the impact is always getting more destructive. We tend to turn our anger towards ourselves, our environment, and our own lives that seems so very difficult to handle. Until one day, when life knocks us down, and we find ourselves flying off the rails, then it suddenly dawns on us that we once made a promise to take on the job of “Learning to trust”. And suddenly, it’s totally clear why you had to go through this heavy experience about control, because it is your job to learn how trusting works. And once we “get” the lesson, then we can pass it on to others who could use a bit of growing through our guidance too.”

This is your life’s purpose, which unites all of these experiences that seem to have a common thread through everything. One is not possible without the other. It’s like a journey filled with research and learning. All of the stations along the way suddenly make perfect sense, and you realize the importance of them in relation to fulfilling the task of lesson you’ve taken on. Do you understand why all of that makes perfect sense to your life? This is a connection to your purpose, to your vision, and your mission. The things in your life are all so closely related, are lead by, and result in a comprehensive Integral Inner Compass, a script, which you can read. Brian Sooy described it like this:

Purpose guides you. Your purpose is a statement that articulates why you do what you do, why your organization exists, and why you serve a higher purpose (your cause).

Mission drives you. Your mission statement is how you will accomplish your purpose, and how you make a difference. Your mission is what drives you every day to fulfill your purpose. It’s a direct path between your purpose and vision.

Vision aligns you. Your vision statement is what the next day or distant future looks like. Vision aligns leaders and followers. It is an ongoing process of aligning your mission to your purpose. Vision keeps you on course, when you know what your purpose is.” [2]

As already explained you can’t think your way towards your purpose, but I still want to give you some questions that may lead you to hints, experiences, that will help you sense areas or elements with the DNA information of who you are. Futhermore, I will introduce an exercise that which may help you get a climpse about your purpose, vision and mission. You will find it in chapter 5 about Presencing – Unfolding potential from the emerging. Now let’s start with some questions on purpose, vision and mission and may be you want to have a piece of paper and pen ready and note what comes up immediately without thinking, just sensing, even i fit sounds weired. Don’t judge it, just continue as we are communication now also with your unconscious mind. Enjoy J

Purpose – WHY


  • What central theme in my life can give me clues about what my life purpose might be
  • What are the connecting dots in my life, good and bad, that will reveal my gifts that I could have given to life to help change the situation
  • What are my needs that I have denied for so long and expected others to fulfill whilst I realize that if I see it missing in others I am the one who has it and could really make a difference to everyone by giving it and then receiving it
  • What wants to emerge through my existence
  • What do I expect from others that in truth is what I have to give
  • What am I in service for that my heart tells a story about
  • What is my contribution to this planet
  • What is my highest potential that can unfold for my life purpose, which will serve much more than my ego or financial success
  • What am I most afraid of and which could become my greatest gift in life, if I was courageous enough to step towards it, embraced it and unfolded the potential behind it
  • How can my potential and my behavior support the greater good
  • What qualitites were missing with my dad, mom and ceiblings, that I was expecting from them to have instead of realizing that these are hidden qualities I have which are part of my purpose when I accepted life as a training ground for my purpose


 Vision  – WHAT FOR


  • What is my vision of a world in which my potential and the potential of everyone is unfolded
  • What does really lack in our society, and how could my gift be the best fitting solution
  • What gives meaning to my life and others around me
  • What world would emerge if I truly applied myself and my purpose
  • What is my picture of a world that is truly meaningful




Mission – HOW


  • How do I serve the planet
  • How do I apply myself and how do I live my purpose
  • How do I support my vision
  • What roles or lifeplays do I further unfold and develop




[1] Dilts, R., (1990): in reference to the concept of logical levels in Changing Belief Systems With NLP, Meta Publications, Capitola, California
[2] Sooy, B. (2014): Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto, RockBench Publishing Corp, Nashville, TN

Photo Pablo Picasso by Marco Rapphorst
Photo Nature by Stefan Götz


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