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Our Swarm of like-minded People – Your Partner for future Organizations

If you’re reading this page today, it’s because you are interested in contributing to pave the way for a new kind of society and economy for our future, and because you believe that there is another way.

For people like you and I, Change Leadership isn’t about finding a superior coaching or leadership approach to make ” more out of less” or “bigger and better” results for business or for our soceity. Being a true Change Leader means that we can no longer not do our part to contribute to the good of the planet.

I consider Götz Global Leadership & Partners to be less of a company in a classical sense, but moreso, it has developed from a seed planted to help guide Change Leader organizations together into the future. A commitment to be present, to serve, and to stand up for the belief in the shift in consciousness for the good of our economy and for our society as a whole.

We believe in an economy that serves all: 
 Purpose, people, planet, and profit alike.

I am looking forward to hear from you – will you join us?

Warmly,  Stefan Götz
For the change leader in you.

Co-creating builds transformative, long-lasting foundations

When we are totally in touch and receptive, we open ourselves up to to every inspirational impulse, which is key to fundamental change. We break away from being slaves to our egos, and become the serene fulfillment of our potential. Not lost doers, who use action, force, and scientific proof to try and make sense, but congruent leaders who access a higher consciousness and source of potential that serves all.

So now we go a step further, not only are we opening up our heads and our hearts, but our very essence as well. Working with this source is like coming into being, accepting the invitation to serve your highest potential. We show up to represent our highest potential in this sense.

Co-Creating means trusting in the process

What kind of awareness helps managers to become leaders, who bring about real transformation, and not just superficial hoopla? First of all, the willingness to accept that they will not be immediately rewarded for every single probable solution they produce, instead, an attitude of loving trust in unknown possibilities and personal development. Perhaps enduring the fear of the unknown can create the perfect circumstances for a whole new level of innovation to emerge.

When we can provide the space and conditions in business which allow people to feel clear in their purpose, to be able to shape and influence their work, letting them experience first-hand that they can contribute something meaningful and useful, therein lies the fertilizer for a new awareness.

The fertilizer is called trust. I am not talking about expectations for a certain result or outcome. I am speaking about a more fundamental dimension of trust in life itself, in the here and now, in an unlimited energy source, in others, in your mission in life, and in your leadership.

You don’t believe it can work? That it doesn’t exist? Not where business is concerned?

Stefan Peter Götz – For the change leader in you.
Co-creating emerges when you start withyourself

When we animate these skills as leaders, and focus on strengthening our own self-awareness, we not only dramatically enrich our own lives, our success, our health and joy, but also enrich the lives of the people we work with – employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders and customers.

When you really want to make a big difference, let’s say, achieve cultural change within in your company, why not start with something small? How about you start with yourself, and your own self-awareness?

This is the biggest tool that you can use to make way for the unfolding of the highest potential within yourself, your team, your field and your company. This way you’ll no longer have the need for orchestrated overhauls, you will become the change that makes everything possible.

Co-creating inspires the freedom for creative potential

The conditions of creativity, awareness and light-of-being are exactly what we need to overcome complexities and perceived obstacles, integrating our truth on a higher level, for new solutions that serve all. This is about the connection between yourself and the world, and the capacity to ask important questions without needing to have the answers.

Thanks to a relaxed settling into the here and now, a new window of creative opportunity opens up – pure, attainable, sustainable, and beneficial to all.