An Unexpected Briefing

This is the most remarkable, useful safety cabin briefing on this planet, considering that usually millions of passengers don’t follow or don’t understand what is said or would not be able to carry out what is said in a case of ermergeny. Just think about it. Something is repeated all over the world millions of times and it is inefficient, useless and meaningless. If it was your company would this be a good strategy? If you keep on doing things the same way in business and expect a better result, this is typically the definition of insanity.

Ricardo Semler, owner of SEMCO, a multi billion dollar business in Brazil, is well known for his radically different approach to business, organizations and people. His main idea and strategy for everything he does is: ASK WHY? And if you can not get a purposeful, meaningful answer change whatever does not make sense.

What do you continue doing with little or no meaning?

Have a wonderful start into your week,
Warmly, Stefan