7 Leadership Practices to Support Organizational Change

7 Leadership Practices to Support Organizational Change

From my daily practice of supporting corporate clients who invite organizational change that sustains, I find the following 7 leadership practices Otto Scharmer speaks about, very helpful:

(1) deep listening
(2) asking powerful questions, drawing people out
(3) letting go and letting come
(4) holding the space for their teams
(5) focusing on what you could change rather than complaining about what you can’t
(6) connect to your heart, being empathic, and
(7) using systems thinking–„thinking from source“–attending to the complex connections between the individual and the collective, between the inner and the outer.

Full Article from Otto Scharmer „A Global Action Leadership School in the Making“ on Huffington Post

Photo Otto Scharmer by World Economic Forum / Adam Dean under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

Otto Scharmer, author of „Leading from the Emerging Future, Presence and Theory U“, is a leading researcher from MIT who explores transfromational ways to indvidual, organizational and societal change.